How to develop strategic KPIs that drive business performance

Successful CFOs don’t make decisions based on feelings – their decisions are based on data and facts. Traditionally, this data comes from reports. But, as the landscape of finance is changing and the finance group is under greater scrutiny to cut costs, grow revenue, and maintain control in an increasingly uncertain time, processes like report creation are in the spotlight.

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  • What a Key Performance Indicator is, and what it should be
  • How to analyze reports and identify KPIs
  • How to make your KPIs relevant, measurable, and actionable
  • Best practices for your KPI strategy
  • Bernard Marr’s top 25 KPIs to focus on
  • KPI challenges with reports

Drive business performance and automate the development of meaningful KPIs with more accurate, relevant, and timely data from Hubble analytics dashboards.

A Modern CFO's Guide to Find the Right KPIs

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