Even if you don’t recognize the brand name, you have probably seen more Havelock Europa plc products than you would imagine. A major supplier of design, manufacturing, and fit-out services to the “interiors” marketplace, Havelock boasts big UK and international brands such as Primark, Lloyds Banking Group, and M&S International amongst its well-known clients. With four offices, a large warehouse, and a large factory facility, Havelock has an extensive footprint before even considering its product catalog of over 45,000 unique items.

The State of Play

Operating such a complex business in a fast-paced sector, Havelock requires the utmost from its new JD Edwards system. Havelock had overcome the complexity of mapping its business requirements, after an implementation project spanning two years, but was faced with the challenge of extracting reports and interrogating data for financial and operational purposes. One View Reporting had been implemented, but users needed the flexibility to create their own reports. With One View, end users had to request support from IT and wait days in order to create reports. This drove the company to search for a more agile, self-service solution to complement Havelock’s bespoke ERP project.

Havelock wanted a single reporting solution that would connect a series of disparate tools, including JD Edwards, RF Smart, and Essbase. Key criteria included a simple installation coupled with the power of analysis and graphical outputs; Havelock needed something intuitive and user friendly to ensure maximum user adoption. On top of that, the company required a business-wide solution that would generate reports for 15 departments, from HR to Manufacturing, and everything in between.

Proven in Hours

Fraser McLaren, Project Director, was working to turnaround Havelock’s challenging project as fast as possible, so he asked for a rapid response sales process. insightsoftware, supplier of the Hubble reporting solution, pulled out all the stops so that Havelock could go from website inquiry, to contract signing, to system set-up in just 10 days.

As a forward-thinking organization, Havelock didn’t wait until post go-live of its ERP implementation to assess reporting options. By implementing Hubble by insightsoftware beforehand, Havelock could use the tool extensively to look for anomalies among its 20 million data records (>145 data areas) and pinpoint potential problems in the data migration stream. With this, the project team began testing Hubble’s capabilities and stress tested its versatility to start solving business process issues that were not simply reporting related; they were determined to “not just sweat the asset, but dehydrate it.”

“One of Havelock’s most complex reporting activities is the daily “pallet forecast” that is used to monitor production coming off the factory floor and allocate it to trucks for delivery to clients. Prior to using Hubble, it required a warehouse manager with 20 years’ experience over four hours to juggle all the variables and produce the report each morning. With Hubble, we got it down to 8 seconds start to finish. Saving approximately 20 hours per week meant a 99.9% efficiency saving from Hubble in this one area alone.” – Fraser McLaren, ERP Project Director, Havelock Europa Plc.

Truly One System for All

When most people see Hubble, they soon realize how useful it can be in a finance setting, but Havelock needed to quickly prove its worth to other departments following the OVR and ERW challenges already encountered.

Within weeks of starting to work with Hubble, the project team identified, scoped, built, tested, and signed off 73 unique Hubble reports covering reporting and management information (MI) needs for all 15 of Havelock’s departments. Using Hubble so extensively—and in such a user-friendly way—meant Havelock was also able to avoid the need for a permanent team of highly skilled report writers that other reporting software might have required. However, more than the future savings in report-writing, Hubble also allowed Havelock to get the data they wanted from their ERP while reducing some highly complex change requests that had previously been required. In one case, an 80-page modification specification was reduced to just 8 pages with the introduction of Hubble; saving thousands of pounds in development time and reducing invasive changes to the system. Hubble helped Havelock achieve what it wanted in an altogether simpler, cost-effective way. Highlighting this, McLaren noted that “it was only possible because Hubble understands the underlying architecture of JD Edwards and is truly plug and play, allowing people like me to focus on getting the company stakeholders what they want in the simplest way possible.”

Aside from the out of the box integration with JD Edwards, Hubble is also linked to the SQL database that sits behind Havelock’s estimating solution. This means that the company has achieved the same MI reporting capabilities in every department—including those that don’t directly use JDE—to deliver standardized KPIs and outputs for the whole business. 

Nothing Quite Like Hubble

Overseeing go-lives for the likes of Coca-Cola and FedEx, Stuart Moorhouse completed more than 50 ERP implementations over the course of his impressive career. With Havelock, Moorhouse witnessed the implementation of Hubble as a transformational tool for the business to take clear and decisive actions.

“I have never seen anything quite like Hubble, and as a project manager, I think that Hubble should be part of your toolkit.” Stuart Moorhouse, ERP Project Manager, Havelock Europa Plc.

Ultimately, Havelock was able to:

  • Simplify the final stages of implementation
  • Empower end users with real-time, drill down, slice and dice capability
  • Reduce the number of reports required for business operations
  • Significantly enhance its data quality

Hubble is the next generation of corporate performance management (CPM) suites that helps organisations focus on the things that drive growth rather than just show what happened in the past. With live dashboards planned for phase two, Hubble Analytics is set to provide the visibility needed by Havelock’s executive team to generate true business-wide partnering and an enhanced customer experience.

Request a demo of Hubble today to learn more about it could help you reduce operating costs and streamline business processes. 

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