For over 30 years, Bibby Distribution (Bibby) has been changing the way that businesses think about their logistics. Their services cover the supply chain end-to-end, from materials into manufacturing plants to sequencing, storage, and distribution. Bibby focuses their strategy on asking the right questions to work together with customers to create a logistics solution that fit that customer’s unique needs.


Challenges with JD Edwards ERP Reporting

With their laser-focus on the customer, it was crucial that Bibby’s critical business systems provided them reliable data whenever they needed it. Cathy Reece, Financial Controller at Bibby, was not 100 percent satisfied with their JD Edwards ERP. While it was great at providing back-office support and facilitating the order-to-payment cycle for their customers, they still struggled with JDE reporting capabilities.

“JD Edwards is very powerful, but the reporting was more complicated than we expected. We were downloading our data into Excel, which opened up data security issues and all sorts of time-consuming pivoting. Our reporting processes needed to be faster, easier, and more secure.” – Cathy Reece

The Value of Smarter, Faster Business Decisions

For Reece, the problem was even bigger than just reporting. Ad hoc inquiries throughout all levels of the business were being bottle-necked at finance. In order to relieve some of this burden, she outsourced the reporting processes. This helped free up her team a bit, but elongated the reporting process even more, and was quite expensive. There was no easy, quick way to distribute critical business answers to colleagues outside of finance.

Reece set out to find a solution that could help finance by enabling the rest of the business securely. After evaluating the best third-party reporting tools on the market, the finance department narrowed down their selection to Hubble by insightsoftware.

Hubble stood out to Reece because it was the only solution that:

  • Enabled end-users to make smarter, faster decisions with real-time inquiries
  • Could build reports over live JD Edwards data, enterprise-wide, in just minutes
  • Allowed for consolidated reporting, which improved efficiency
  • Never broke the link with their ERP, so data was always live, secure, and accurate

“Some reporting tools are very flexible, yes, but there’s no real integrity in data. Hubble combined flexibility and security—just what we needed,” Reece said.

Save Thousands Each Year with Integrated Reporting

Reporting was not just a tactical process for Bibby. They recognized the importance of moving information throughout the business to enable confident, strategic decisions. Hubble not only speeds up this process, but it creates a culture of trust—in data and finance—that is invaluable to her team.

With Hubble, staff at all levels across Bibby can now drill down into reports to get exactly the detail they need to address immediate business issues. Instantaneously, Reece was able to stop outsourcing report creation, saving thousands each year. When asked for her comments, she stated that:

“Everyone has access to the same information in real-time. When we understand the details behind the numbers, we are able to respond confidently to big-picture questions.”

With over 187 users, everyone at Bibby, from warehouse operatives to directors, can view their weekly numbers, look at procurement reports, and streamline business processes. Business users love the intuitive nature of Hubble: They can format exactly as they need and it is very easy for them to use. Since Hubble connects directly to their ERP, it inherits all innate security within JD Edwards, so users only see the information that is truly intended for their eyes to see.

Hubble Supports Aggressive Growth Plan, Audits, and Financial Close

Bibby will be implementing a massive growth plan over the next few years, including a number of strategic acquisitions. The consolidation of these acquisitions will be greatly accelerated with Hubble, without having to increase head count in the finance department. Bibby reports weekly and with Hubble running in their business they have gone from creating numerous reports for each team, to creating just one report. Each team is now looking at the same report, but only seeing their own numbers.

Audits are also expedited. Previously, when auditors asked Bibby for a list of subcontractors, they had to go searching for each one for all 62 depots. Now, they just pull a single report saving them several days of unnecessary work and effectively streamlining their audit process.

Since automating almost all of their reports, Bibby has reduced their consolidation cycle from two long days to just two hours. Reece said that “year-end is cut by about a week with Hubble.”

When asked what her team’s favorite thing about Hubble is, Reece responded:

“The best thing about Hubble is that we can now make far better use out of JD Edwards because Hubble makes it so easy to get reports and information out of our ERP.”

Hubble provides direct, seamless integration to Oracle EBS and JD Edwards ERPs. Sign up for a free demo to learn more about how an integrated approach to performance management can help you tackle your biggest challenges too. 

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